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Dr. Dan
My horse, Lefty is probably 100% better. We began the nutritional supplements as soon as they arrived in August and I have continued to give him Critical Care Laminitus Formula . . . and probably will until that bucket finishes. Is there any need to continue him on Critical Care?

Personally I would gradually reduce the amount given daily and see how he does… there is just no way to say otherwise. also though the Joint Check supplement will greatly help. If you are not already using this I would at least gradually make a switch to this product.

Meanwhile, we’ve run out of the Weight Check oil because we’d begun giving it to our other two horses. Molly wants to compare Platinum to Just Add Oats . . . We’d been feeding Platinum for some time, so we’ve continued to feed Platinum until we run out to the other two horses. 

I know how horses do on Just Add Oats and it is great. Truth is we can only say so much on the label. I would like to say more, but unfortunately our wonderful gov. just won’t let us. Of course all our supplements are designed to compiment each other too.

Should all three horses be given Hoof Check. Mattie is a 20 year old mare . . . we’ve changed to KC LaPierre’s hoof care protocol . . . barefoot. So Mattie no longer has shoes . . . and her hooves are growing out beautifully. My stallion, Jester, is 13 years old, and has strong hard hoooves . . . I’ve not had shoes on him or Lefty since I’ve had both of them . . . 3 years . ..

Hoof Check is a tremendous supplement, for any hoof issues, especially those going barefoot!

So I’m at the juncture where I need to figure out what to give each horse. Can you recommend what we should order?

Just Add Oats 2x, Weight Check and Red Cal Hi Mag and Joint Check…Hoof Check) review the audio on “What To Feed Your Horse” also…

The veterinarian’s diagnosis may have been valid, however, my 5 year old gelding, Lefty, is definitely sound. He’s enjoying training and likes to canter and trot . . . he seems happiest when he’s moving like that. No pain. Overall I think his spirit has increased and he’s getting very healthy.
I feel very blessed not to have begun the steroid injection regime . . . I didn’t want to go down that road . . .
Thank you again for being involved with our situation.
Sandie W.

Thank you so much for keeping us updated and Thanks For Asking!