Question about your oils?

Hi,  I’m a little confused about your oil supplements products.  Why do you offer a choice between GMO oil and non-GMO if one is considered possibly detrimental to the horse?  I’ve been feeding my young colt the H2oil and have been very pleased, but now I’m concerned that this is somehow a lesser quality of oil that is hydrogenated?  Also, is the weight check oil organic?   Please clarify. 

Thank you, Christine H.

Neither are hydrogenated.. both are crude unrefines.

GMO means free of genetically modified changes … a big deal to some and not to most YET.

I resisted finding a GMO free source for years but due to so many requests decided to look… finally  after 2 years of searching I found a “GMO free” source.  It is giving better results.  

Both are far superior to harmful, hydrogenated, processed “junk”.
I am working on the organic issue… Just one step at a time. 🙂