Horse is hurting…

My horse has a shoe boil. My vet says that surgery is the only alternative at this point. We have tried ice packs, ice tight, and an epsom gel, and have limited his movement. Do you have any other ideas???????

Never heard of a shoe BOIL??  abscess perhaps?? if so then …soaking with epsom salts will help but lancing (perhaps the surgery he is describing ) may hasten all along… I would also suggest our Joint Check supplement regardless of cause to help boost the immune system and the ingredients are some great anti-inflammatory herbs as well. Also our Grape Balm

Dr. Dan,
Thank you so much for responding to my email so quickly and for all of you help. I really appreciate it!
I put the Grape Balm on Chance’s leg as you suggested and the results were no less than miraculous! The boil was almost gone within 12 hours! This means no painful surgery for my horse, no 90 day recovery period and you saved me almost $1,000.00 in vet bills! Chance and I thank you so very much!