Horse Eye?

We have a Horse- her name is Baby. We notice that she has an irritated eye… what can be done?

It has a little discharge im very concerned . our vet will be there thursday i would like to know what i can do till then?


Not much really until you make sure there are no ulcers etc.

But to help boost her immune system I would suggest our joint Check also has some great anti-inflammatories that will not interfere with whatever is going on and could only help.

You could find a homeopathic remedy called Euphrasia from  a health food store. I generally give 4 times the amount it says for an adult human. I would give daily if the horse were mine. this too could only help. homeopathic remedies are tiny pleets and very inexpensive but highly effective. Do consider the Joint Check as well.

Our Marigold pocket healer has also helped many eye inflammations regardless of cause. it actually comes in a tube type dispensing apparatus that makes it easy to use in the eye as well as wounds.  Again it could only help not hurt but please do let you vet look at the situation asap.