Skin Allergies

Dear Dr. Dan,  I have a 3yr old Qtr. horse, that I have had for almost 1+ yrs. and this year his skin problems are worse.  I have used anithistamines and they are not working any more and his skin is worse.  He gets wheps to every insect bite and in general has hot and redden skin, esp. on his midline and sheath area.  His skin gets hot and swollen and he rakes it with his teeth.  I finally gave him a Vetalog shot 3 wks. ago, and it is back now.  I was hopeing cold weather would be here sooner. 

I live in the Tall. Fla. area.  If Allergycheck  is what he needs, do I start now and continue all year to stabalize his immune system?  He has been on Stradegy pellets and bahia pasture and bermuda hay in the winter.  I was thinking of going to straight oats and I have started over the summer soaking alpha cubes, thinking he was missing something.  What ideas do you have and may I have a current catalog, as my friend is a year or more old? 

Money now is an issue, so how can I give him the best help, I dont want to give him any more steroids if I can help it.  He also reacted to Rompum (sp) this month, even though he has had it before. 

Thanks for your time and I hope to help him without so many drugs.  God Bless you and yours.  My name is Vivian S.

The article on allergies in the magazine will help. Also go to and do a search on the site for “allergies”…

 You really must get him off commercial feed plus help him get rid of the “junk” in his system. Having had all the medications he has had is only going to make it more difficult. These have “covered” the symtoms YET have confused the body in its healing even more.

So… pull out the big guns and follow the ADVISE IN THE AUDIO on what to feed your horse. Also add the Aller Check AND Health Check (similar ingredients but totally different effect). I also suggest BUG CHECK. Use the higher amounts suggested on the labels as well. There is great hope and honestly most I see have already been on these drugs too.