Post surgery swelling?

My 11 year old wolf-hybrid, Chloe, had a very large fatty tumor removed about a six weeks ago.  It was located in the area of her chest and front leg.  She did very well with the surgery and the vet placed a drain tube in the area to reduce the fluid that filled the empty space.  The tube was in for a week. While the drain tube was in the swelling lessened, but now the area is swollen again.. THe vet wants to put another drain tube in, but since it didn’t work the first time I doubt if it will work the 2nd time. THe swelling appears to be fluid and I was wondering if there were other alternatives that were less invasive. 
Thank You, Darla M.

I really couldn’t say because of Not seeing it, but I would consider first boosting the immune system and second topically using our ugly, smelly Grape Balm ointment. It does have a drawing effect too.