My Gelding has an abcess-hole in the center of his frog.  We put over the counter Thrush medicine in it as advised by farrier.  We thought it was healed. He is very flat footed and the frog dried/pressed flat covering the hole.  He has gone 3 weeks plus and now by accident we dug across the frog (with pick) and reopened the flap/hole.   What is the best-most aggressive way to clear this up!

A big problem with most hoof products is that they contain formalin (formaldehyde embalming fluid), acetone or some other harsh chemical. These may help temporarily but in my opinion, over the long haul, just makes things worse. Consider our Grape Balm Hoof Healer as an alternative. It is ugly and stinks but a great topical for anything hoof wise.

Of course, we also want to help the body get rid of whatever it is trying to “discharge”. Our Health Check supplement would help from the inside out to do so.. (see page 36 of the magazine below). The Hoof Check supplement and Hoof Check Conditioner (topical) will help the hoof grow faster too.


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