This makes it all worthwhile to me…

Dr Dan,     I can't  say thank you enough for the Natural Horse Vet Products.  They really are tremendous.  I know this because since we started using all of your products (except Color & Preg check) a little over 1 yr ago, we have been amazed.  I have 4 thoroughbred mares between 22 & 23 yrs old.  Two I've had since birth & the other 2 were purchased as yearlings. I personally have been a caretaker of horses for over 40 yrs.  I have always sought out the highest quality feeds and supplements that I could find.  With Natural Vet, I can honestly say I've never experienced so many wonderful products from one company that all work so successfully and without the concern of harmful side effects.  They do exactly what you claim and much more. Because of the results I am experiencing, I can boldly recommend them to others who care about the health of their animals. 

Hydraid is a life saver! 

For anyone who has had a horse that's not drinking or not getting enough water for whatever reason, try hydraid  You will be amazed.  Where I live in Ocala, Fl, the summers are brutal, hot & humid.  It's not a good place for horses to get dehydrated.  When my mare just stopped drinking I called NV"s office.  They told me about hydraid.  I couldn't order it fast enough.  I found that it worked well and the results were immediate.      If a horses' coat is any indication of health, then no horse should ever be without Red Cal. 

Even though my horses had nice coats, I was thrilled at how much more brilliant and enhanced they were not long after taking Red Cal.  Others that I have recommended this product to, have noticed a tremendous improvement in their horses' overall health & appearance as well.  It shows up on the outside that something good is going on in the inside.     

There is no other product that comes close to Grape balm hoof healer for foot health.  Florida is one of the worst states for horses feet. In the 16 years I have been here, I have not found any product that actually worked, until I tried Grape balm hoof healer. It stops the splits & cracking.  What is most amazing is how fast it stops the thrush.  It's the only foot product that my horses actually like & don't run from.  No chemicals!     Grape balm herbal wound healer not only heals wounds but repels flys on horses turned out, like no other product I've used.     Joint check has made a huge difference in all 4 of my older horses.  They not only have more flexability but they have also radically increased their activity in the pasture.  Their increased performance is noticable to everyone.     

Dr Dan thank you for providing such healthy and superior products for all my animals.  Also, thank you for making yourself available to help me and answer all of my questions.  Your knowledge is greatly appreciated and your products are an asset for long, healthy prosperous lives for all of us.  I only wish someone would have told me of your products long ago.       God bless you and all that you are doing.     

Thanks again,       Caren

Thank you so much for sharing and taking the time to do so. It made my day!

Hydraid - 4 lb

Adds In Hydration Plus Fortified with Vitamins, Minerals, Direct Fed Microbials
Feed alone or top dress onto feed 1 tablespoon. Use before, during and after events (race, show, endurance)

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