My horse…

Dr. Dan, My 6 yr old dapple grey Paso Fino mare has a hyper sensativity to bugs.  I 1st noticed it in April.  She gets bitten, it swells up & a round bare skin spot shows up.  She has rubbed more than a third of her mane off.  She has predazone shots every 4 wks and I spray her with skin so soft, per my vets recommedation, nite % morning as our horse have free run in % out of the barn.  My stalls are cleaned nite & morning. I don’t like using the toxic fly sprays with pyrethins, etc.  Does your products have pyrethins?  I live in the Finger Lakes region of New York.  What suggestions could you give me, to control my problem as nothing so far seems to be working.
Thank you. Maureen

I see thousands of such cases yearly. I would start with our Bug Check supplement and our Aller Check supplement. Because of the steroids I would also add the Health Check to help detox. These will not be 100% effective but you will notice great results. I am not so afraid of pyrethrins as I am pyrethoids and permethrins etc. Pyrethrins are made from cresanthymum flowers. The pyrethoids and permethrins are synthetic.
We do have 2 spray options. Finally Something That Works sprays are all natural. It does not kill but repels well.  Bug Check spray is not all natural and contains pyrethrins. It is as natural as we could make it though and still have a “kill” effect. It also is great for fleas and ticks on other pets. 
Most hoses really don’t need sprays, however, when using our BUG CHECK supplement. The supplement is all natural and works great. Again not 100% but thousands and thousands love it. Many use year round even because it is overall, very healthy too.  I would also consider listening to the “What to Feed Your Horse” audio. Commercial feeds are often part of the allergy situation. There is also an article and audio and even a video on allergies in the library section of our site. I would suggest the feed and supplements mentioned there as well.