I have a 4 mth old filly that was rejected at birth. 


We have raised her on Mare’s Milk Plus.  She has grown like a weed but has always been a bit too thin for my liking.  We added Triple Crown Mare and Foal feed as quickly as possible. She was kept in a paddock alongside her mother and a young gelding but she never seemed to bond with them.   Now I have put her in the same pasture with them and they have accepted her.  I am weaning her off the Mare’s Milk Plus but she is dropping weight fast.  Now she is decidedly thin.  She has 7 acres of pasture to forage, but I do not think she will leave the area around the barn.  I never catch her away from the barn.  When the others are at the barn, she hangs with them, but when they go out to pasture, she stays at the barn.  I have even tried to walk her out to them.  She will remain as long as I do but then she splits back to the barn.  I don’t want to throw extra grain down her and she shows no interest in hay. I think she is afraid to venture too far from the barn. 

Any suggestions of how I can get weight back on her in a safe way? Susan P.

I would get this baby on our feeding program. It should really help with the weight, the immune system and general health better than anything I know.

Listen to the audio called “What To Feed Your Horse”. We have thousands and thousands of babies on it (feeding program).

Several that were orphaned… one just won 4th in World Grand Championship for her age division. I would probably add to the the above suggestions the Gut Check and the Health Check for extra help under this one’s circumstances. Product info is available in the magazine.






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