Joint Supplements?

Hi Dr. Dan,  I am in need of a serious joint supplement for a couple of horses and my dogs. This is going to get quite expensive for me so I am wanting to get the best product I can for my money. I have heard so much good stuff about Ceytl-m. Can you tell me how you feel about this product and it what ways would your product for joints be more superior?
Thanks for your help. Mary

Just a quick look at the ingredients will show the differences. There is no comparison actually. On page 36 of the magazine, look at the Health Check of which all is in Joint Check too.

These ingredients help at the cellular level with inflammation, provide nutrients for healing, sulphur (not just cheap MSM) and help get rid of the “junk” produced in any inflammatory process. PLUS Joint Check has all the “typical” Joint ingredients and many you won’t find anywhere— like boswellia (frankincense) and astragalas.

We have also shown that it protects the gut by preserving a very important enzyme called Cox 1. Many on the market essentially are just pain killers which only of course, cover symptoms. Essentially ours is many products in one. Thanks for asking!