Equine pastern P2 bone fracture?

My 7 yr old APHA mare has a linear fracture in her P2 pastern bone left front leg. This happened mid-July but didn’t show on radio graphs until 9/8.  Never any swelling.  Lameness was attributed to absess as her foot was sore – but when it didn’t blow out we started looking for other problems. She now walks with no limp.  Does limp at a trot. Has been kept in small level area and not ridden since mid-July.

Have begun to wrap her lower leg with quilt and leg wrap for stabilization and will be in large stall now to limit activity. I’ve heard from people that had horses with similar injuries and their horse is now sound. I did find the following product on line but need more info before I would order/use it.  Rapid Response from Amerdon Int’l Inc.  Have you heard of this product? Do you have any other suggestions to help her heal?  She has the sweetest temperment so I want to do what I can for her.
Thank you, Debbie C.

When it comes to healing anything, especially bone, many factors must be considered. Therefore, I could never suggest just one product. Minerals, protein etc. etc. must be looked at. For suggestions on what to feed (and just so you know commercial feeds just “won’t cut the mustard”) listen to the audio on what to feed your horse which is on our website. Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, good fats etc. must be added and commercial feed just won’t do it in my opinion. Again the audio explains why. There is also an article in the magazine on what to feed and one on salt and minerals (page 21). In addition to the information there I would suggest our Joint Check and our RED CAL. The later is free choice all they can eat. It provides nutrients that “mother Nature” offers and sort of “picks up the pieces” for nutrients that perhaps man hasn’t even discovered. There are 2 audios online that help explain. One is Uncivilized Health. The other is called Dead Animals Don’t Lie.

Homeopathically I would consider a remedy available at better Health food stores commonly called “Bone Knit”. It is a human product and actually tiny little pellets. If it were my horse, I would give an adult amount daily. It certainly could never hurt and may hasten recovery. It should cost less than 10 dollars or so for many months supply.