My 15 year Peruvian Paso shows sign of founder.  He is on good organic grass hay and short pasture.  He goes on pasture for two hours a day for three days a week.  Do you have a remedy for founder.  He developed signs in the past two weeks.  He is stiff and switches his tail a lot.  He lies down a lot and seems to be in pain when walking.  He is not playful as in the past.  He does have some appetite.  And he runs with two other young geldings in a large padock.  He has access to clean water.  I do feed the Redcal and Bugcheck. 
Please suggest some remedy if possible?  Thank you, Jakob

There is an article on founder/laminitis in the magazine and also one on “What To Feed Your Horse” on the website (also an audio to hear).
Honestly commercial feed and / or only grass or hay are generally the major cause. So I would follow the advise in the above and add the supplements suggested. I would also use the Critical Care Laminitis formula to really hasten all along. It is pricey but there is nothing like it anywhere. Thanks for asking!