Product question?

Hi Dr. Dan, Just me again… I was looking at your “Just Add Oats”.

My thoroughbred ( the one with the head shaking that your Aller Check has stopped) seems to be looking a bit thin these days.  probably because the grass has thinned due to the dry weather.  He has always been on “Nutrena Horse Qwik”, a green pelleted feed with no sugar and 12% protein.  Oats seem to make him get too much energy for me, as does any sort of sweet feed.  I was thinking of ordering your “Weight Check” to add to his feed.  Might I add the “Just Add Oats” as a vitamin supplement?  He’s been lovely to ride lately with all your good additives and I’m afraid to “up” his grain or give him “Equine Senior” to gain weight cuz then he might give me a happy buck or two and I’ll go flying.  He’s not thin, but “thinner” that I’d like him going into winter. 

Any suggestions? Bobbi G.

Thanks Bobbi,  Oats will not give to much energy IF the right supplements are used. As you know, I highly suggest no commercial feed.  To the oats I would suggest the Just Add oats 2X, Weight Check and of course, Red Cal.