Feeding a young horse?

Dear Dr. Moore, I am caring for a young draft X gelding, just turned 2 yrs. He has been on pasture 24/7 until that last couple of weeks when we needed to care for the pasture! I notice now that he drinks and urinates excessively in comparison to the other horses. I read in Equine Wellness magazine that this can be a sigh of developing diabetes-like conditions in a horse. What can I do to help avoid this condition? He is otherwise healthy and happy. I feed him free choice hay and minerals as well as salt, and a handful of oats twice a day. Our water does have sulphur in it at present. thanks.

Your ideas and presentations have been very helpful to us.
Mimi P.

Thanks Mimi.

2 years is young for such and unlikely to be the cause. I suspect a change in diet would be best overall for the future and current situation, however… please listen to the audio on “what to
feed your horse”
and the article in the magazine. (www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.com)


I would suggest adding Just Add Oats 2X to make the oats complete and also Weight Check oil. Honestly there is nothing like Red Cal. I hope you will consider this product instead of typical loose salt and minerals (see page 21 of mag and various articles). Thanks again.