Hi Dr Dan,   I have a 22 year old Morgan gelding with Cushings. He has been on Permax (1 gm) for 3 years. He has started to lose weight and I have asked you about helping him. You suggested increasing the weight check oil which I have done this spring but the weight lose continues and I’m worried about the winter months. How much oats can I safety give him? He is given grass hay because I also have a mare that has foundered on alfafa so I need to use grass hay.

Thank you for your help.. Judy M.

Hello Judy, Weight Check is just the start. PLEASE also see the article/audio on what to feed your horse. (


I suggest more oats (up to one percent of the body weight daily.. But be reasonable and increase any amount slowly) be sure you add Just Add Oats 2X ,Red Cal and I would suggest Gut Check in your case too. Do consider Critical Care Hypothyroid too (I know it says overweight formula too but basically it is great for cushings and regulates sugars) it is pricey but nothing like it and generally only a tub or two is needed.