Dog Allergies?

Dear Dr. Dan,  I got your name from Gary Scott, and I am hopeful that you can help my 2-year-old male lab, Winston. 

He has terrible itching/irritation/redness on his paws and is constantly licking and biting his feet.
After multiple rounds of treatment, my vet ordered an allergy workup.  It turns out that Winston is allergic to tons of things, including our Bermuda grass and human dander!  Obviously I can’t keep him out of the yard, but nothing we have tried has relieved his symptoms.  Do you think it might be useful to try Aller Check, or do you have another suggestion?  I would rather not administer allergy shots!  I have changed his food to
eliminate known allergens from his diet. 
Thanks so much!  Alison T.

Allergies are tough to say the least. Especially post-conventional treatments with allergy shots, steroids, antihitamines etc. That being said, I would try to help the body get rid of what “junk” is there, not put more in and also renourish the body so it can heal. See the various articles, audios, videos etc on our site and in our magazine. ( & ) Those are about horses also apply to dogs especially with regards to vaccinations minerals, heavy metals, etc.

For now, I would suggest Innova brand food (health pet food store) and our supplements called
Aller Check, Health Check (detox and antioxidants etc.) And our Omega Coat Check oil supplement. Topically you could use our Marigold pockethealer. (All not perfect but if anything will help nutritionally, the above will.. and it has for many to say the least.
Thanks for asking, hang in there (it takes time)and tell Gary thanks.