Feeding to the region?

I was wondering, since I have moved to the inland northwest, it seems to me that with less humidity, and higher altitude– (no fleas or ticks -they explode at this altitude!) it is a much healthierenvironment for  horses in general (after all mustangs thrive out here)  So my question is should we not be feeding our horsesto the region as well as to his individual needs?  For instance, I don’t need to grain my horses out here or blanket them in the winter like I had to when I lived in Maryland. Whats your opinion?  My vet even told me that I don’t need to worm as often because of the drier climate…
Patrice B.

Yes with regards to weath,Not so much with feeding… They all need vitamins minerals etc. If they are wild with access to thousands of acres of pristine unfertilized “natural” plants and minerals then they may not need such but our confined horses do. Please see the
article/audio on what to feed your horse (www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.com).
Of course there are areas where selenium varies but truly except for a very few areas, they still need supplementing. Thanks for asking!