About weight?

Our 29 year old paint horse continues to lose weight.  He is bright and alert and has a good appetite but does seem to be metabolizing his food.  we live in south Texas which is a harsh environment, but we do have good grass pastures.  We feed him supplemental chopped or chaffe hay (depending on what is availble), his teeth are maintained by an equine dentist, and he is able to eat whole oats and black oil sunflower seeds soaked in water.  we also provide him with soaked hay pellets and dynamite products as supplements.
We currently have no storage space, so have to buy feed locally.  all of our horses have had trouble keeping on weight since we moved to texas (they had a nightmare trip getting here, courtesy of a horrible hauler) and we are supplementing them all.  

I sometimes regret moving to Texas as it is a difficult environment (ticks, fireants, thorny brush, drought etc etc).  We cannot put out free choice minerals as the feral hogs, deer, racoons etc dump over the feeders or destroy them.  Please help!!!

With our Red Cal (free choice) you would not use a feeder, just hang a bucket on a fense post.

Please follow what the audio on what to feed your horse suggest. You will have a new horse soon. I would also give up tp 8 oz of our Weight Check supplement.

See: www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.com