IR Mare…

We have a Peruvian Paso 17 year old mare who has a thyroid condition and an IR condition. 

Off and on this past year she has a problem with her Mammary glands swelling  pretty large and even getting to the point of producing milk. That was recent and it lasted for a week. Mostly it has been a clear fluid . 

She is on thyroid L and Chromium Yeast as well. She has long or freguent heat cycles. we are thinking she may have beginnings of Cushing’s but maybe a clogged mammary glad.  She hasn’t long shaggy hair nor is she listless and only drinks an average amount of water. Her coat is sleek and shinny but she isn’t thinned skinned. She has a thicker neck but that has been coming off some and she has lost on top and side lines of her body. She does have a bit of a pot belly though. Looks PG at times  We feed Bermuda pellets with only  a 20% alfalfa in the mix and Bermuda hay. she only gets 10 to 12 lbs  day  She  is on turn out for 4 hours a day depending on weather  or  exercised by round pen 3 times a week or riding 3 times a week.

We tried 3 days antibiotics and the right mammary glad swelling went down. Was wondering if her diet is wrong or if she could have a cortisal problem ?  or do we need to increase her chromium? Maybe try a longer dosage of antibiotics.? 

Our reg vet is talking to a specialist but I like your web site and thought you may have some suggestions. 
Thank you,  Judy C.

I would especially suggest the Critical Care IR formula and Hi Mag Red

Also see the article and the audio on what to feed your horse. (
Commercial feed is awful (IMO). I always suggest oats with the right supplements.
Thanks for asking!