Dear Dr. Dan:  I have followed my veterinarians suggestions to the letter.  All of a sudden, this year, my 11 year old mare got a severe case of hives.  There wasn’t one square inch of her body that didn’t have a hive.
The vet came out and gave her the typical treatment of steroids and antihistamines.  Her hives went down immediately.  That happened twice until a friend of mine told me about your web site.  By following the vets direction, I took everything away from her that I was using and quarentined her.  No fly spray, covered her in a head to toe fly sheet, put a fan on her, stalled her for 24,  and switched her to whole oats.  I added your Red-Cal and took away her mineral block.  All that still didn’t work so we  took her to a friends house about an hour away.  We stalled her during the day and let her out to pasture at night.  She did get better. 
My vet thinks she has developed an allergy to insects.  The only thing I have not done different is I have not taken her off of Strongid C.  Do you think if I added your product Aller Check and Bug Check that this would help?  What other suggestions do you have?  Thank you so much for taking the time for suggestions. 
Fran M.

Yes to Bug Check and Aller Check (higher amounts on Labels) also change the feed to oats(as you have) PLUS the Just Add Oats and the Weigt Check oil. Allergies are tough but if anything will help nutritionally, the above will. Thanks for asking!