New Testimonial Hot Lines

I enjoy reading the product testimonials I receive via email and it is extrememly satisfying to know that I helped a situation in some small way. But I know that it is not always convenient (nor easy!) to take the time to type out the thoughts I’m thinking in an email. And if you’ve read most of what I write, I often just type as I might talk. Some might say ramble!


I am making available new Hotlines available for you to use to leave a short testimonial about any of our products and your situation. Simply dial any of the numbers and follow the easy-to-follow instructions. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Natural Horse Product Line-
    (214) 615-6505 ext 9971#
  • Natural Pet Product Line-
    (214) 615-6505 ext 2775#
  • “People” Product Line
    (214) 615-6505 ext 8084#