Mare's Hock

Hello Dr. Dan, A friend barefoot trim’s our horses, and she normally gives the hock a squeeze as she’s picking up a rear leg. This time, the skin over the hock stuck together, as if the mare was dehydrated or something. This didn’t happen on the other hock, and she’s definately not dehydrated. She did seem tender in that area. This mare is plump, in the field 24/7, and aside from Red Cal, just gets some grass hay in the evening. They’re getting hay now because their fields are fairly dried up at this time. Any thoughts? Do you think arnica would be helpful? Thanks so much!

Arnica would never hurt in any situation BUT I would suggest the Joint Check if you think it might be injury related too. Please check out the “what to feed your horse” info at our website at: – especially the audio!

They (or even us) just can’t get what they need from grass or hay (or grocery store food) in today’s environment. they must be supplemented. The Red Cal is the single most important of all BUT IT alone is still not enough. thanks for asking. I wish I could help you more on the cause but ……