Gas Colic Prone Mare?

I have a mare who has episodes of gas colic about 4 times a year.  It could be triggered by her hormonal system, and I’ve also noticed that she is prone to colic when there are drastic changes in the weather.  Do you think Gut Check could help her?  She is currently on Red Cal and Bug Check. 
Thanks for any suggestions. Sue S.

Definitely Gut Check, but also listen to the audio titled “What To Feed Your Horse”.

Commercial feed is far from the best and is often the cause in my opinion. I really suggest oats plus Just Add Oats 2x and especially in your case, the Weight Check oil supplement too.

For anything potentially hormonal you must access the fats. They must have good fats like in Weight Check. Commercial feeds have processed fats such as hydrogenated. These can really mess up the hormonal situation plus a lot more. Hence the need for what the audio and above information suggest.

I will definitely listen to the audio.  There is a woman in my barn who told me about your website and she is only feeding oats plus the “Just Add Oats” supplement, as well as a couple of your other products.  I’m sure the barn owner won’t mind if she has to feed another horse oats.  I will also tell her about the audio “What to Feed Your Horse”.

Thanks for the prompt response and the suggestions!

You’re Welcome Sue and Thanks For The Support and Thanks For Asking!