I have a thoroughbred that is a rescue from starvation.  Have had her since April.  She has gained her weight back but has the worst cribbing addiction.  What do you suggest besides constant turnout, low stress and a cribbing collar?  I have heard maybe too much stomach acid or ulcers might have something to do with it.  What do you suggest. I need to have her calm and to get her to quit if possible, she is ruining my fences.  Thanks. Kristen M.

Cribbing is the most frustrating habit of all and the most difficult to stop. Often it can’t be.

But … on the other hand, often something very simple stops it.

There is an article in the library section as well as an hour long audio discussion on cribbing that I did at one of the expos. You will also find a short video on chewing and cribbing there.

As for products, I would start with our RED CAL Hi Mag to make sure the minerals are right and probably, as bad as it sounds in your case, our Gut Check too. 

Be sure to listen to the audio titled What To Feed Your Horse“.