About my horse's fecal exams?

Hi Dr Dan,
I just received the results from the latest fecal test for Lilly, which says “still 3 eggs”. (strongyles). This was about 3 weeks after I gave her your Worm-Check paste. I am a little worried because she is also rubbing her rear end a lot (which is probably also, like the belly and mane rubbing, due to the fly bite dermatitis, but of course I always worry that it might also be worm related?). In fact, she itches so much now that she usually, after greeting me, immediately pushes her rear end toward me asking me to rub and groom it (yes, she is a character!). Anyway, do you think it would be advisable to apply one chemical de-wormer once and then see if we get rid of these “three eggs”?
Many thanks

Not in  my opinion. But of course I am the odd one out anyway when it comes to drugs.. Strongyles don’t really cause tail itching either.

Thanks. So, do you think this is simply a normal and acceptable amount of strongyles in a horse’s intestines, or do you think this is a typical transitional picture and that eventually she will have less once she is “weaned” off of chemical dewormers? (she hasn’t had any in about a year now)
Thanks again.

BUT I should of also said this.. in my opinion 3 eggs is hardly any..

So when I use your worm-check paste, how do I use it (I’ve only used it once so far because I was feeding DE on a daily basis, which you think doesn’t cut the cloth). On a regular basis, like chemical dewormer (every two months), or based on fecal tests, and if so, from how many eggs on should I use it then?

Basically, use Worm Check based on fecals. It would however, never hurt to use it anytime since it really works by boosting the immune system any way. If the next fecal in a month, or so, were higher .. say 5 or more, I would for sure use and then recheck again in 3 or 4 weeks. Once they are consistently negative or low, then you can check only every 6 months or so.

Young horses, under 3 years where worm complications can be more serious, I would check more often and at least quarterly .. Generally a rule of thumb would be to check as often as one was deworming chemically on a rotation basis until you are sure they are consistently negative.