My Dog Limping?

My 5 yr old blue heeler mix has been limping in her front right shoulder for about 3 mths.  She is very healthy, still runs and jumps without signs of pain.  We were walking as much as 3-4 miles a day but have reduced to about a mile a day in recent weeks.  I have even rested her for 2 weeks at a time with very little activity in case she had a soft tissue injury.  Our VET can not find anything abnormal on exam or x-ray and her joint fluid is normal. I have been giving her Cosequin DS since 7-16-08. She was on Deramaxx 25mg for 10 days with no change, she was just started on prednisone 20 mg daily for 3 days, then 1 every other day.  I have not noticed any pattern to her limping, at times she may be a little worst or a little better.  Doesn’t seem to be related to resting, movement or exercise.

Thank you for your thoughts.

If your vet can’t find it I sure can’t, but thanks for the confidence of asking…

That being said, personally I would take her to the closest vet school  diagnostics. BUT do consider our Joint Check for pets and our Omega Oil as well. Both could help regardless of cause. Our Comfort Caps for people would also be suggested (I would personally give my dog 1 (small dog) or 2 (large dog) capsules twice daily). These contain Frankincense (Carteri and Serrata), a very great gift about 2,000 years ago for a very good reason.. it helps just about everything. These capsules also contain Acai (Brazillian Blueberries), Antrochrocyanins from Dark cherries, Cinnamon, Rutin and Curcumin.

Please let me know what the vet school finds.