about 10 year-old QH gelding?

Hello Dr. Dan, 

I have a question concerning a 10 yr. old QH gelding that 5 yrs. ago got very sick.

I trucked him to a Dr. in Ohio. There were 2 horses that had the following symptoms…

99 degree temps, drinking excessive water, eating excessive amounts, shaking/trembling, (one from the withers forward the other from the midsection backwards) humped up appearance. They were tested for West Niles and it was negative. They were also not tied up. Kidney and bowel functions remainded normal.   Our guess was poison.

There were 7 horses in the barn. Only 2 were affected. The doctor treated symptoms right off the bat. Such as charcoal, IV solutions, banamine etc. Then we continued with Banamine and vitamins. We used B1. The doctor had never seen anything like this. He agreed about poison. But we still to this day do not know what, how or where it was from.   He pulled blood, it showed high liver numbers which would mean it was fighting something off. He consulted every vet at OSU (Ohio) and called many vet friends across the USA including Texas I believe A&M.

No one had ever seen or heard of these symptoms. His wife told me that we had done something she had never seen. He had sat up all night long researching the problem.   The horses got better but never back to “normal” 

I tell this story now because that was 5 yrs. ago and the QH gelding this past spring started loosing weight again and started standing in a humped up stance. His nutrition was vamped up to the best of feeds and a lot of it. GOOD quality hay at ALL times and all the water he can drink which again is A LOT.    I gave the owners/caretakers of this horse some Red-Cal to try and told them I would e-mail you for any further instructions that you might be able to give.  
Thank you for your time Dr. Dan.   Bev F.

WOW, so difficult to say the cause…  BUT regardless of such, for sure, I would detox (decrease oxidative stress through anti-oxidants.. see page 34 of the magazine) and boost the immune system. RED Cal most definitely all he can eat all the time; also the Joint Check to help detox AND helpful herbs for inflammation.

Also You probably know my opinion of commercial feed. they are all full of hydrogenated awful fats and waste grains etc. please listen to the audio on “what to feed your horse”  and check out the article as well (page 26).

I strongly suggest oats along with the Just Add Oats 2x and the Weight Check oil. On the Weight Check since he has/is losing weight I would give at least 4 oz per day.. even up to 8 if needs the extra weight. 2 oz will NOT put on weight yet provide the essential fatty acids needed for general health and well being.

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