Hi Dr. Dan 

Yesterday, my 5 year old gelding, Lefty, was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in his left hoof. Yesterday, the vet brought out the xrays to show and talk with me and my friend Anja, who recommended that I go on your website.

He has been lame intermittently without any outward sign of a problem physically. What I hadn’t noticed over time was this bump at the coronet band in front . . . on the xray, it look like a bone spur growing upward and then there’s an opposing closing between two of the joints toward the back of the foot. In any event, it looks like it’s causing him more and more pain . . . of course, the vet wants to get aggressive with shots of steroids . . . and that’s not where I want to go . . .  Lefty is happy and eating well right now . . . the first day of shock is over . . . Tears come up now and then . . . it all just makes me love my horses even more and makes me realize how special they are to me. I think the tears are more about feeling the loss of the dream with Lefty . . . however, it may not be as restrictive as I perceived the vet’s message yesterday.

Fortunately Anja was right there listening to all of it while we looked at the xrays of his hooves . . . Anja heard something slightly different than I did. I’m glad she stayed over again last night. She seemed to have a calm, reasoning perspective. I’ve had my friend, Jun, a homeopathist come and review what the situation is and to take symptoms. One Monday she hopes to have a remedy to start with. Hopefully the inflammation that’s led to the osteoarthritis will drop off and lessen the pressure to build bone where it’s been hurting him . . . that’s how I’m seeing it in my mind’s eye. The vet said there wasn’t a chance it would reverse, but I’m not so sure about that either . . . we’ll know how the homeopathy works by how Lefty is walking in the round pen . . . and then eventually re xray his front two hooves. hmmm . . . It really is a good thing that I have two horses . . . this isn’t what I planned for, but then maybe something else will open up or change if I’m paying attention . . .  

Anja recommended that I get Joint Check and Just Add Oats from you . . . but she also said to call you and talk with you . . . and especially that I see you are a homeopathic large animal vet! I have some reading on your website to catch up on …   Can you help me? 
Thank you  Sandie W.

Your friend is correct. Just Add Oats- Double Strength formula AND our Joint Check.
 I would also suggest Weight Check Oil and at least for now, the Critical Care Laminitis formula. (this one will not probably be needed forever .. and thank goodness because it is a bit pricey.. but there is nothing like it.. I wish I could produce for less) 
Our Free Choice RED Cal too … all he can eat all the time ( I would get the Hi Mag version instead of the regular too).
Listen to our audio called “What To Feed Your Horse”…
You have just got tho get this horse off commercial feed as well and onto oats with the above supplements. Hang in there and thanks for asking!