Skin Rash?

Hi Dr. Dan! I have a 13 yo, mare who breaks out occasionally in large whelts all over her body. My vet always recommends benadryl.  Obviously she is having a type of allergic reation.  I would prefer to treat her with natural products. she is currently on bug check, oats and H2oil. The benadryl does help.   I have just ordered allercheck and plan to start her on it as soon as it comes.  Is there anything else you recommend?
Laura H.

I would highly suggest our RED CAL free choice … be sure to throw away all salt and mineral blocks.

Also, to help get rid of the “allergens” … that which is in the system that she might be allergic too & then consider the Health Check (or Joint Check if  the extra joint ingredients are needed). Either product will help reduce oxidative stress, (GREAT antioxidant benefits). These antioxidants are likewise needed to help get rid of the negative effects of the drug that has really only suppressed the symptoms….. that is made them go away only temporarily leaving the real problem still there and perhaps even worse.

Also be sure she is not getting any commercial feeds as well. See the article on allergies in the magazine too. (Link to magazine at right of this page)