Product Comparison?

Hi Dr. Dan, I have been on the past couple of calls and have posted your fine magazine on Craig’s List in Denver. I have been asked to compare “Just Add Oats”2x to Platinum Performance. Could you elaborate? I noticed that Platinum contains Cane Molasses and some of the minerals are in Chelate form as opposed to Sulfate form like your product. Another thing theirs does not have is probiotics..and they are very expensive. Would appreciate a further breakdown from you.
Thanks and keep up the excellent work. Mona K.

There are many good products and many that are not so good, as well. I have never really compared and honestly would probably not do so.  I just, with the help of other professionals when needed, formulate the very best product that can be formulated. Price is the very last thing I look at, BUT generally our products come out at least comparable and in most cases less costly.
Quality ingredients and combinations are keys and the right forms for the right species etc. For instance, which form to use such as, chelated, proteinated, sulfated, oxides etc. are all dependant upon which mineral one would be talking about and which species . Take Magnesium, when you need a lot, generally the oxide form in horses is preferred simply because using the sulfate is much more likely to cause diarrhea. Chromium is another example. We use a proteinated form in our horse formula but in people we may  use a niacin bound, proteinated AND chelated. (Chelated is very similar to proteinated by the way structurally.
It does sound like you have a good handle on what you are comparing and I appreciate the question. As you noted, we do not use molasses and we do generally always have direct fed microbials (probiotics) in most all of our products. If they are not digested they sure can be benefit!
Also undersatnd that the vitamin/mineral/enzymes are just the beginning. The fatty acids like those in Weight Check (gradually replacing our H2OIl) are crucial as opposed to processed fats found in most. The audio on “What to Feed Your Horse” explains a lot as does the article in the magazine on the same.
Getting rid of salt and mineral blocks and offering our RED CAL free choice is probably the most important thing overall. (listen to the audio called Uncivilized Health as it refers to our Human product called REDOXX too)