Feed Change?

I purchased the “Just add oats” along with the Weight Check for my 1100 lb., 15.3 Missouri Fox Trotter….he is a big guy, built more like a quarter horse…a bit on the stout side.  He is an easy keeper, very food motivated and I just want to make sure that I am giving him the proper amount of oats.  When on sweet feed he was given a handful to a quarter scoop…I’m not sure if I should keep to the same amount with the oats….please advise. He is on pasture approx. 12-14 hours…evenings and gets 1 flake of hay with morning grain.
Thanks, Deb L.

Same amount is correct, then after a few weeks you can increase or decrease as needed based on his look, attitude, etc. I would also suggest the RED CAL Hi Mag and the Weight Check Oil .. do see, if not already, the audio and article, “What To Feed Your Horse” on the website.