I’ve been a long-time customer of yours for your herbal wormer (the *only* wormer that I can use on my mare that doesn’t cause major abcesses in her hooves) and I was curious about the possible availiability of a poultice-type product?  I didn’t see anything on the horse section of the site, and I was wondering if perhaps I had just overlooked it?  Previously, I ordered a product called “Miracle Clay” from a Dynamite retailer, but since that time I have lost touch with that supplier and as such my Dynamite retailer.  I have used the clay for bee stings on both myself and a friend’s horse, along with use as a general poultice to legs after showing, stone bruises to hooves, and a few other drawing agent type uses with great success.    I intend to order your marigold balm with my next wormer shipment, but my understanding from the description of that product (along with the grape extract) was that they seem to be more of a salve or topically applied soothing/antibacterial/healing agent than a drawing poultice.  Am I incorrect in this assumption, and is there another, more specific product, or am I just misunderstanding the description? 

Thanks so very much for your time and assistance!  I pass on your website to friends and fellow horse owners all the time.  You products and helpful advice are truly a fantastic resource. 🙂 
Have a wonderful day! ~ Lizzy B.

Thanks so much.

We do not have at present a poultice product. However the reason we do not is that the Grape Balm Herbal Wound healer has and is used very successfully as a poultice and for just about everything and is actually much easier to use than typical, because it does not need wrapping etc. Just put it on a little thicker than for would use. Thanks again!