Weight Check and H2O oil

Doc, I was wondering what was the big difference between Weight Check and H2O oil. 

Some of my horses did loose a little weight when I switched them to steamed oats, just add oats, and H2O oil.  Should I put them on weight check instead of H2O oil?  I feed them 4 qtrs of Steamed Oats, 3 oz of H2O oil and one scoop of just add oats (feedless type) once per day.  Of course I have them on Red Cal and good grass hay.  I also have started them on cubed alfalfa (15 cubes a day).  If I need to adjust anything and you can let me know that would be great. 
Sincerely, Sarah S.

Both are great…

The Weight Check is however, giving us better results overall and because the cost is so little difference,. We possibly in the future will be discontinuing the H2Oil … It (H2o oil) is also certified free of genetic modification (a major issue to some folks)… Generally 2 oz per day of either is sufficient (3 to 8 oz could cause weight gain in an average 1000 lb horse)