Poor Hooves…

I have a horse that is very tender footed and I am trying to avoid putting shoes on him. His feet are also very slow growing (we only rasp his feet about every 6-7 weeks). I was considering starting on the minerals, didn’t know what your opinion might be on these for toughening hooves and helping to accelerate growth.
Jeff B.

Hoof growth and condition is ALL ABOUT DIET!


Hoof Check supplement would be highly suggested as a supplement. there is really nothing like it hoof supplement wise. It has all the typical hoof ingredients like biotin, methionine, lysine but ours also has two extra major benefits. First it is NOT packed with massive minerals that could possibly get them out of balance even more and second it has direct fed microbials which do help the gut tremendously “flora” or bacterial wise. After all unless the “goodies” are really broken down and absorbed properly they are useless anyway.


Really all of our supplements have some degree of microbials. Hoof Check does have minerals but Mother Natures not mans mix. It has 40 mg of biotin per oz  but generally only 1/2 oz per day is needed. please also see the article on feeding page 26 and the audio on what to feed as well. The article on salt and minerals page 21 will also educate on why salt and mineral blocks are useless and offer a better alternative (Again Mother Nature’s salt and minerals not mans.. RED CAL) .


Topically we have 2 products:


Hoof Check conditioner for daily use which does not contain any chemicals such as acetone, formaldehyde, etc. and also our Grape Balm Hoof Healer which is ugly and stinks like our Grape Balm Wound Healer but really helps with conditions such as white line and thrush. They key though to hooves is nutrition from the inside out.