Kidney Pain?

I have a 7 year old paint gelding that keeps having severe pain across his back, mostly lower back.

I have had him worked on every month by the chiropractor, had him massaged, and now 4 session of VOM, He is still bucking if the saddle rubs him there and if you make him bend he goes crazy at times. I am at my wits end and my pocket book as well.

He craves the Red Cal and will eat a cup per day if I let him, he is fat as a tick and I give him H2Oil as well which may be wrong but making sure he has good fats. I just switched his diet to mostly grass hay, before that it was 2 pounds of alfalfa and 5 pounds of oat hay and 2 pounds of grass. He gets a few handfuls of straight oats to put his supplements in. Is this beyond supplements?
Gina K.

He also needs Just Add Oats– Double Strength formula, added to the oats to get the vitamins, minerals enzymes correct. This will help with the weight too…


Not sure how much H2Oil he is getting, but he only needs 2 oz. per day.  More could put weight on him. I would likewise consider the Joint Check, since he is having what sounds like inflammatory issues. Joint Check has great anti-inflammatory herbs as well and will help support those joints tendons, muscles etc. Any horse that I am adjusting, I suggest it … it helps hold the adjusments longer too.