Suspensary Ligaments?

(I have a ) 25 year old gated mare diagnosed with this. Left front leg only. Any info on this helpful. Shes very uncomfotable. Is bute my only option? 
Thanks, Nancy

I would consider our Critical Care Laminitis formula…
it has really helped many with all kinds of inflammatory conditions including susupensory… it is pricey BUT there is nothing like it anywhere.

Also do see the article on feeding (page 26 of the magazine)  and the audio titled  “What To Feed Your Horse” (homepage and library section of the website and linked at right of this page). Generally one tub of the Critical Care is  sufficient and then switch them over to the Joint Check (see page 34 of the magazine). It has tremendous ingredients to help detox and also anti-inflammatory benefits as well. In fact, everything that is in Health Check is already in Joint Check. You will see by the article/audio etc. that I really prefer oats over commercial feeds too. Commercial feeds are full of hydrogenated fats plus alot of other ingredients as fillers etc. . Horses need fats but good fats and not processed. Part of our Diet suggestions include our Weight Check Oil which is the best source of fats we have been able to find. FREE CHOICE Salt (our RED CAL and in your case I suggest our Hi Mag version RED CAL), mineral and vitamins are critical. With commercial feed if they are not getting exactly what the bag says for their weight, THEN THEY ARE EITHER GETTING TOO MUCH OR TOO LITTLE of those vitamins and minerals that were added to that commercial feed. Hence, I suggest whatever amount of oats the horse needs, typically the same volume of commercial feed now getting,  and adding the proper supplements to them at each feeding. This assures they get what they need. (Just Add Oats 2x and the Weight Check Oil)
Thanks for asking. hang in there… generally suspensory sounds so hopeless, with long and drawn out recovery but honestly we have had great success and of course correcting the diet will help prevent in the future as well.