Equine Encepholitis?

Hi Dr. Dan,

A horse around the corner from my guys just died fom encepholitis, but I dont want to innoculate. How can I protect them! Also, my icelandic poops go from cow plops to normal all the time, what could cause this and what should do? He also has alot of gas, he gets a handful of grain with your supplements and timothy hay.
Thanks and God bless, tina

There is no replacement for actual vaccination, BUT if you keep the bugs off and keep them as healthy with an immune system in tip top shape they would obviously be better protected than one that wasn’t such.
So review my suggestion for feeding on “What To Feed Your Horse” audio on the home page. (and at right on this page) AND in addition I would be sure to have them on Aller Check at least for awhile. this is the best “immune” booster available that I have been able to formulate. The Health Check or Joint Check also help and can be switched to later. See page 34 of the magazine for product info on these.
This would apply for the icelandics as well. be sure they are off commercial feed (just use whole oats), and all the supplements suggested but also add the Gut Check at least for while.