Diatomaceous Earth as a Dewormer?

What is your experience with using diatomaceous earth as a dewormer? 
Thank-you very much!   Lisa N.

In my opinion based on numerous trials here on the farm… it does not work by itself. HOWEVER when other ingredients are added it works great! (see our Worm Check).

Please don’t get me wrong, I love Diatomaceous Earth, and we have it in a lot of our products. BUT regardless of what you use to deworm, always do fecal exams to follow up. Even before it is extremely helpful to see what type you are dealing with if any.

Fecal exams help prevent overuse of chemicals which like the overuse of antibiotics, have caused super bugs. Over worming with a rotation procedure (just because the calender says it is time) is causing SUPER WORMS! Sooner or later nothing will work as with Staph today and as with Goats and sheep where resistant species of parasites are so common.