Tetanus shots?

Hi, Dr. Dan,  I haven’t been vaccinating my horses but some holistic people I know say that tetanus is one shot they would give.  What are your thoughts on this?  I have never heard of a horse or a human getting tetanus (but then, I may live in a sheltered world!).  Also, if I do choose to give the vaccination, do I have to give a booster a few weeks later, or would the main vaccination be sufficient? 
Thanks!  Shirley

Personally I don’t give. I would however, give a homeopathic dose of hypericum or Ledum should they have a wound etc.

BUT as you know I am not the norm and “normal” vets would say I am nuts perhaps…  I have only seen one case of such anyway in 27 years of practice and that horse was vaccinated!

Go figure???