COPD, Heaves?

My Tennesee Walker was being treated for dust allergies,etc with Dex 1mg every 3 days.He was coughing and had slight heaving and nasal flaring. After one month the coughing increased and he became increasingly dyspnic,he would have variable temperature spikes that would return to normal until finally one morning he was in extreme distress, temp of 101 ears down heaving considerably. I showed up at the vet’s office and would not leave until I talked to him. I went on to work and the vet came over that afternoon, when he called me at work to tell me that Flash was very sick with pneumonia. He started IV injections of Oxytetracycline daily for 5 days, and I gave him 7500mg of Flagyl twice a day in a molasses slurry for 10 days. We even had a ultrasound done to check the pleural space for fluid but that was clear. He has improved from the pneumonia, it has been 3 weeks. I took him out for a short ride in the cooler evening and while he acted fine, on slope or anything more than a walk he coughed badly and became winded. I know I may have rushed the healing process some, but even in his stall he is slightly heaving and flaring at rest. He goes out to pasture daily from sunup to sundown, I am wetting his hay and have swept his stall and adjoining stalls clean. I don’t know how to help him, he is 11 years old, is 16.2 hands and weighs roughly 1100-1200 lbs. He has taken good care of me and I want to have and enjoy him for many years to come. Please help
Thanks Carol H.

The problem is that the steroids, antihistamines etc. only cover the symptoms and actually make worse over the long haul and antibiotics as you know can really do a number on the guts. (though they can help initially to prevent death) .. BUT, we now have to get rid of the negative effects now from that. It honestly sounds like COPD, heaves or something similar which is allergy like. BUT CAN  really be life threatening.. hope your vet explained the severity of the situation and please continue to work with him/her.
As stated, first we have to stop from worsening, if possible, because damage occurs wth essentiall every breath… and then hope that we can provide the nutrition for the body to start healing itself.
I suggest Joint Check to help detox (see the tremendous antioxidant effects on page 34 of the magazine — it would essentially take 11 buckets of carrots and apples to provide the same anti-oxidant level and also the “joint ingredients may provide nutrients for the lungs.. lungs are connective tissue like joints.. Joint Check is two products in one.. Both Health and Joint Check).
The Aller Check for the Allergy (COPD, heaves, allergy, pneumonia or whatever).. This is to boost the immune system.
RED CAL is the single most healthy thing you can give any horse (free choice all they can eat all the time)…..
I also highly suggest switching from whatever grain now getting to the same volume of oats. if no grain is currently fed,  just give enough oats to get the supplements down. to the oats add Just Add Oats- Double Strength formula and Weight Check (similar to our H2Oil but working better and gradually we are replacing the H2Oil) supplements. The magazine, on page 26, has an article on feeding. There is also an audio about feeding that you can listen to.(link is at right). The Library is full of informtion for you to review also.
If anything, the above recommendation will help nutritionally and honestly it has helped hundreds. 

He probably won’t need the Aller Check supplement forever … thank goodness because it is pricey in my opinion but then there is nothing like it and just couldn’t make any cheaper.

I would also suggest the Gut Check in your case because of the antibiotics especially.

Our magazine is online and can be downloaded- the link is at the right on this page. It has a good article on allergies (includes lung issues too), feeding, salt and minerals. (page 21) …
Hang in there. It is a tough serious problem…