eOlder Horse…

I'm on your online webinar right now, and some of the questions triggered this question. Can you tell me what you would feed an old horse that has bad/almost no teeth and can't chew oats? She just gums the hay, so I feed her mushed up commercial pellets (with joint check) and give her hay to help her feel like she's actually chewing something.   Anyway, any help would be great. thanx Tina

Our feeding program is great for all! (FeedForSuccess.com)

Oats!… and I would soak the oats overnight, (I prefer "whole") add our "Just Add Oats" supplement and then provide our Weight Check Oil along with our RED CAL (salt,minerals,electrolytes and more… and provide Free Choice!) and consider adding our Gut Check to help get more "goody"out of what he does eat. Also for additional support, our Joint Check supplement (joint support + potent antioxidants) is chosen by many!

Hay for such situations generally just won't be enough. 

Thanks for being on the call and for asking!