Nervous Horse…

My friends and I started using your bug check years ago and love it so I thought I would see what you thought on a horse that is so nervous.  There are a lot of calming products on the market but I don't want something that will hurt him.  He is in good -physical shape.  We feed just grass hay.  We took him off oats and put him on a feed that has less sugar.  B-1 has helped for a long time but it doesn't seem to be working as well anymore.  He isn't spooky on the trail or anything it is just–well for example asking him to side pass, he gets all nervous and can't seem to listen.  Any thoughts? Tami V.

I would increase the Bug Check. it may help too. BUT I would also give him our "Just Add Oats- Double Strength Formula" and Weight Check Oil (essential fatty acids) and oats… OATS will not make them hot and despite what you may have heard will not make them hot, are not sugar and are digested the best in the gut compared to all grains. Besides, commercial feeds are terrible regardless of brand because of all the processed fats etc. Please listen to the audio on the home page of the website- "What To Feed My Horse"…. I would also put him on our  "RED CAL" free choice and get rid of all salt and mineral blocks. (read page 21 article in magazine). You should have a new horse soon!