My "High Energy" Horse…

Hello,   I have a six year old Rocky Mountain gelding that is a more high energy horse.  He’s been like this all three years that I’ve owned him.  I’m currently feeding him oats with a loose mineral and free choice hay.  I did cut back on his oats and increase his hay to try to help him get a little calmer.   A feed dealer said that oats have high levels of sugar in them and recommended that I feed him a pellet that is low in sugar and starch (Buckeye).  Is that what you’d recommend?    His gait is perfect and his ground manners are awesome.  If I could get his energy to come down, I’d be very happy.  If not, I’ll be out looking for another Rocky. 
Thanks for your help.
Jim M.

THE OATS ARE best (I don’t know of any  horse that eats a cooked pellet type food in the wild).. also oats ARE digested in the upper gut AND do not produce issues like commercial AND they also don’t have the hydrogenated fats etc. that are the real cause. BUT YOU HAVE TO MAKE OATS COMPLETE. they need several of our supplements. 

I suggest our Just Add Oats- Double Strength Formula and our Weight Check Oil (replacing our h2oil). He also needs our RED CAL free choice- all he can eat.  These alone will probably help greatly … I would also add our Health Check to help get rid of bad fats etc, chemicals etc. that the has been exposed to over the years. See the Library/website for articles and audio on “What To Feed Your Horse” (see links at right).