Horse cough and green nose discharge…

Our filly has had a cough and continuing green discharge from her nose since we purchased her. The vet has given antibiotics, taken a camera down her esophogus to check and saw some food/hay there, but had no diagnosis of the problem/source. The cough seems to be deeper & stronger this summer but I'm unsure what to do next. I have tried a few holistic products already but results were insignificant. Any suggestions? Linda V.

I would start with 2 of our products… Aller Check to boost the immune system and just in case it is allergy related (very likely) and also our Weight Check Oil (the essential fatty acids and lubrication effects). Give me a progress report in a month or so OK??  Please see/listen to the articles and audios (especially the "what to feed my horse" one) on the site and magazine etc.