Dermatitis help?

 I am wondering if you have any effective suggestions to deal with my mare’s pretty strong fly bite dermatitis. The center line of her belly is completely bare, full of scabs because she rubs it so much against the ground. Her mane is also badly compromised, and now she is trying to get rid of her tail. In mane and tail, there is itchy flaky skin (dandruff), the belly is just hard and leathery, and in one spot, and open sore.  Thank you!
Christian G.

I would start with the BUG CHECK (2 scoops daily… typical amount is only 1/2). BUT such conditions are generally allergy related and Bugs really are not the ultimate cause. SO… I would change the diet too. (the real cause is commercial feeds, chemicals, etc. etc.)  See the article on allergies and the audios (in the Libray). there is also info on  “What To Feed Your Horse” the audios are in the library section of the website and on the home page where a magazine can also be downloaded with multiple articles. (See the links at the right on this page) 

Sounds like this is progressing and these can be a nightmare. Steroids etc. when typically prescribed, really only cover the cause and treat the symptoms. I try to give the nutrients for the body to heal itself AND help the body get rid of the “junk” causing the problem… check it all out and do all you can.