Cushings disease in dogs…

Dr. Dan, 
My vet is pretty sure that my 8 year old female lab has cushings disease.  We are supposed to have a more in depth blood test to make sure that she has this disease. The initial test showed a very high cortizol(?) level.  Can you recommend any natural products that she can take to help her?  She is bloated and drinks tons of water and she pees quite a bit. 
Caroline LaMotte

I would consider a homeopathic workup. There is a vet in Miami who works over the phone. His name is Larry Bernstein. Anything less would not be fair. It takes the commitment on your part to work it through and takes time but Larry is very good.  I would however suggest our Aller Check supplement to help the gut etc. and also an all natural food.. Innova is the best i have found so far. I would likewise consider our REDOXX to help detox the liver etc. it is a human product and I would give 1 capsule per 25lbs daily.