One of my senior horses stool tested positive for coccidiosis. He’s not showing any signs of illness,but my equine veterinarian wants me to treat all four of my horses with Corid (with amprolium),a medicated calf feed.I don’t want to use this and was wondering if you had any alternative for treating coccidiosis.Any ideas or information will be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you, Pam B.

I have never seen it really be a problem in horses (though I have seen several on fecal samples).

I would recheck stool before I did anything drastic. (i am not a veterinary microbiologist BUT my wife is and does thousands of fecals… there is something I am sure, if my memory serves me correctly,  that resembles such but IS NOT).

Regardless, I would consider boosting the immune system. Should Coccidia be the problem that would be the real issue anyway since it is an opportunist type organism. Our best product for that is our Aller Check. It is great for the gut too.