My horse is having problems sweating and staying cool.  He’s had anhidrosis for a long time nd this summer seems to be really affectinghim.  He’s still sweating a little but he is really huffing and puffing even in 80 degress weather here in Missouri.  Can you recommend a product that might help him through this?  I have been giving him One AC which helps a lot but for some reason, it’s not really helping him too much this summer.  I would love some feedback as soon as possible. 
Thank you, 
Adriana H.

Start him on our total feeding program.
 I would also detox him with our Health check.
I would give all he can eat- all the time of our RED CAL supplement as well. 
The above has helped many such situations.

Refer to our Magazine and the “What To Feed Your Horse” audio for more helpful informtion. Links are found at right on this page.