Easy Keeper…

I am interested in changing my horses diet…he is an 8 y.o. Fox Trotter…not cresty, has not foundered but he is on the large size "7" on body scale and I'm worried about his weight and the possibility of problems down the road.  He is food motivated, acts like he's starved…. we have cut his food back to 1/4 cup or handful….they are only giving one flake of hay/day and he is on grass for about 12 hours/day…evening turnout in summer.  I am interested in the product "Just add oats" considering changing to oats, or a vitamin/mineral type supplement in pelleted form.  I could use some help…don't know enough about equine nutrition to go it alone but have been doing some research and I like the natural way.  Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Deb L.

Our "Just Add Oats- Double Strentgth Formula" and our "Weight Check Oil" do just that (the later is replacing our H2Oil because of higher quality and better results). Please see the article on page 21 of our magazine. Page 21 explains the need for tossing away all salt and mineral blocks. Consider our "RED CAL Hi Mag" version as a replacement for them. By the way … pellets are terrible. What goes in is not what comes out due to cooking AND I honestly don't know any horse that eats anything cooked in the wild either.

See: www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.com